Our History

A long tradition of drilling excellence.
Our predecessor, STS Consultants, Ltd. (STS), provided more than 60 years of geotechnical and environmental drilling services throughout the Midwest, as well as other parts of the country where specialized drilling and testing were needed.  In 2007, AECOM, Inc. (AECOM) purchased STS and continued all STS operations, including drilling services.  In 2010, AECOM discontinued drilling services and sold all of their drilling equipment.

Subsurface Exploration Services, LLC (SES), purchased the AECOM equipment in Green Bay, WI, retained key staff, including all of the drill crews, and commenced operation of a “new” geotechnical and environmental drilling company.  SES began operation on November 2, 2010 and is proud to continue the tradition of our predecessors, which includes:

  • Over 100,000 completed geotechnical and environmental projects over the past 60 years.
  • Subsurface investigation for foundations of several of the tallest buildings in the Midwest.
  • Completion of drilling projects in over 11 states, including Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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